"Where Little Minds Are Challenged and Leaders Are Developed!"

I don't remember how I found Ms. Charlene but thank God I did. The whole experience was warm and I can tell her passion for the kids was real when I first came for my orientation. My daughter took to her and our journey begin. LSLC formally known as DMES was a family atmosphere and big on education. At DMES my daughter received that core foundation by learning to write her name, phonetics, counting, reading and the list goes on. I often tried to refer people to Charlene because I wanted everyone to experience this positive learning environment. Learning became exciting for my child and she excelled from all the hard work Ms. Charlene but into her curriculum and ensuring her kids was ready for kindergarten. From the progress conferences to the parents meeting to keep us informed on all issues of DMES our experience was awesome.

Martina Walker

Martina Walker
My daughter was a student of Mrs Charlene from 1 1/2 until leaving for kindergarten at the age of 6 due to late bday. I can honestly say this has been the "The Ultimate Learning Experience" and first experience my child has had of what's to come in her education. I love the atmosphere, professionalism, friendly environment at LSLC. Charlene did a excellent job at keeping my daughters focus and attention day after day. Going into kindergarten my daughter has a vast vocabulary and able to recognize, recite, and define 100's of site words; reading at a 1st-2nd grade level; good with basic addition and subtraction. Charlene was the stepping stone that has helped my daughter not only to know the standard going into kindergarten but prepared her to be far more advanced in her education. Til this day my daughter is one of the top students in the 1st grade Cambridge Program @ Governors Charter Academy. My family will always send Charlene our deepest gratitude and love for what she has achieved with our child.


Monique Bellenger mother of Nassira Powell

Monique Bellenger
As a first time parent, I took extra care in selecting a child care provider in a small environment. I'm glad I selected LSLC as my son loves his teacher. Her focus on his educational achievement is greatly appreciated. I am amazed at what he has learned and what she is able to accomplish with the little ones. She is very caring and personable as she takes time out to get to know the parent and child.

Ms. Davis

Ms. Davis
Since attending LSLC, my 2yr old son has shown tremendous growth in academic abilities. He started attending when he was 3 months old and now at age 2, is learning to read and write. He enjoys the hands on learn materials, fun and safe atmosphere, and enjoys going to school everyday. I give my testimony daily to friends and family members when I send them videos or pictures of my son reciting his name, counting to 20, and reading! They are amazed how well rounded he is and how much he has learned. He even teaches me things! Because of him, I can remember what a rhombus looks like! Charlene is doing a superb job with the children. Getting the children excited to learn in the early stages of life can build a thirst for a lifetime of knowledge. My son and I are blessed to have LSLC in our lives.

-Latricia Johnson

-Latricia Johnson
I feverishly searched for the right and perfect school, with the perfect teacher and the perfect curriculum. I had no luck, nowhere, in the Tallahassee area. After a month’s time, headaches, frustration and ultimately STRESS, I was told by a friend that I should contact a lady named Ms. Charlene. I did and that was all she wrote!
My little one came from a one-child- family-babysitter of everyday with minimal focus on education and exploration but much love indeed. Subsequently, her sense of expression, communication and socializing was yet at its developing peak. She didn’t’ talk much, as her vocabulary was limited and her speech and pronunciation was too. She was only one and a half. Thanks to Little Scholars Learning Center (LSLC) since Sept. of last year, with Mrs. Charlene McCray-Thornton, my little girl is now a BIG girl!!! She is almost three and since more than 10 months ago, my child speaks confidently, her vocabulary is extremely huge and building every day, she knows her colors, shapes, alphabets, numbers, comprehension, sight words, critical thinking, public speaking, healthy socializing, meditation, problem solving, following instructions, kindness, sharing, friendship, Spanish, creative expression, how to read even!... and sooo much more!
I recommend LSLC to all new parents and old as well. You won’t be disappointed as the instructor loves her students and treat them ALL with respect, kindness and as her own. I feel at ease, safe, Stress-free, and fully comfortable with my child learning and being protected and well-kept at LSLC while I work all day for more than ten hours!!
I love you; I love what you have set forth as a foundation
For my little one and the level of professionalism and the
Phenomenal curriculum and beautiful aspects of art
And expression I am so grateful. I and my family
Have and we still are enjoying the fruits of
Your labor, as we are aware of the
constant and grueling task of being
a teacher and giving all but every
last drop of yourself for the well-being
protection, and education of our children.
All children deserve a fair chance at an equal-
level playing field. LSLC has done just THAT!
Mrs. Francis