My daughter was a student of Mrs Charlene from 1 1/2 until leaving for kindergarten at the age of 6 due to late bday. I can honestly say this has been the "The Ultimate Learning Experience" and first experience my child has had of what's to come in her education. I love the atmosphere, professionalism, friendly environment at LSLC. Charlene did a excellent job at keeping my daughters focus and attention day after day. Going into kindergarten my daughter has a vast vocabulary and able to recognize, recite, and define 100's of site words; reading at a 1st-2nd grade level; good with basic addition and subtraction. Charlene was the stepping stone that has helped my daughter not only to know the standard going into kindergarten but prepared her to be far more advanced in her education. Til this day my daughter is one of the top students in the 1st grade Cambridge Program @ Governors Charter Academy. My family will always send Charlene our deepest gratitude and love for what she has achieved with our child.


Monique Bellenger mother of Nassira Powell